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US One Sheet Posters

27″ x 41″. (From the mid-1980s they were also produced in 27″ x 40″ inches size for international distribution). Printed on fairly light paper stock. Invariably machine folded prior to 1985. The steel offset printing process was used from a fairly early stage in U.S. poster production and so stone-litho examples tend to date from prior to 1940. Typical printers include Morgan Litho and Tooker Litho. From around the 1940s onwards most U.S. posters were distributed by National Screen Service (NSS). Posters distributed by NSS carry a code number printed in the bottom margin and usually stamped on the reverse. The first two numbers in the code give the date of release of the poster, followed by a numeric code for the film. Re-release posters are indicated by an R which proceeds the date. Different styles or designs were indicated by the additional letters A, B, or C, etc. NSS is now defunct and so recent posters no longer carry this information.

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