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UK Quad Posters

30″ x 40″. Landscape format. The quad (or to give its full name Quadruple Crown) has been the standard size British cinema poster for many years. Printed on heavier stock paper than the U.S. one-sheet and in far fewer quantities. Prior to 1985 they were almost always machine folded prior to issue. Printers include Berry & Co., Lonsdale & Bartholomew and Stafford and Co. Stone lithography (or offset printing that produced an effect very similar to stone litho) can be encountered in posters produced up to the early 1960s (nice late examples include those printed by the Modern (Electric) Printing Co in the 1950s and early 1960s). Noted British poster artists include Tom William Chantrell, Eric Pulford and Brian Bysouth. From the 1990s onwards, quads are frequently printed on both sides to enhance the visual effect when placed into a light box.

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