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Want to find out about more about movie poster restoration? movie poster preservation? movie poster authentication? movie poster framing? or what is ideal way to ship a movie poster?  Well, you have come to the right place. Find our latest how to guides currently available at Base Memorabilia.

I decided to write these guides based on my own experiences of movie poster collecting. When I started collecting many years ago it is hard to find factual information and a lot of the learning curve was completed through trial and error. I want to be able to give people the knowledge so they can make informed decisions and enjoy the benefits of owning a movie poster collection. I will over time add more guides so keep an eye out for anything new but in the meantime, if you want us to cover something not listed here, have a particular subject area in mind, please send us a message via our contact us page.

How to Guide… Movie Poster Authentication

We are currently working hard on writing this section about Movie Poster Authentication. Stay tuned to for any new updates. If you want to be kept informed with up-to-date information from The Poster Collector subscribe to our newsletter today! In the meantime, check out these excellent movie poster authentication websites. Information Learn About Movie Posters – Are fake posters something new? Will these affect my ...
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How to Guide… Movie Poster Preservation

In this article, we will be covering the various options for the storage of your movie poster collection to ensure you preserve its condition. However, should the condition of your movie poster be deteriorating sufficiently over time we will be looking at linen backing, what is it and how will it protect your movie poster in our movie poster restoration article. How To Safely Store ...
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How to Guide… Movie Poster Framing

In this article we will be covering movie poster framing discussing how much to spend, whether you should frame a movie poster to sell, choosing the frame and glass. Movie poster frames provide an ideal way in which to display your collection. In fact, a well-chosen framing solution will enhance the look of any poster and at the same time provide protection against accidental damage ...
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How to Guide… Movie Poster Restoration

What is Linen Backing The process of linen backing is where a movie poster is mounted to linen or cotton. It helps to preserve the movie poster, make it more durable for handling and is used to repair damaged movie posters to their original condition. When linen backing was first used for movie posters the backing would be 100% linen. Linen was used because it ...
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How to Guide… Ship Rolled and Folded Movie Posters

I have received many rolled and folded posters over the years from various different sellers, with varying degrees of what would be classed as ‘adequate’ package. In this article, I will be discussing the correct way to ship rolled and folded movie posters to avoid damage whilst in transit. We also have a rogue gallery highlighting some of the movie posters and tubes I have ...
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